Hello! My name is Grace Ong. I am a teacher who valiantly attempts to instill the joy of learning, just plain, simple learning, amidst all the madness of tests and examinations.  A Level H2 Chemistry is my specialty.

This Google Site is where I muse about the teaching of Chemistry and upload some of the teaching materials I use so that my students can access them conveniently in their own time.

About Me

I was a former junior college teacher who is now on an adjunct teacher scheme with the Ministry of Education, SingaporeI have taught mainstream students from junior colleges, as well as students from the Gifted Education and Integrated Programmes (IP) at an IP school.

In addition to being an adjunct teacher, I also conduct one-on-one private tuition, which is held either at my home (which is near Dunman High School), or at the student's home.

For more information regarding one-on-one lessons, please contact me.

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